Scratch Acid

Scratch Acid
OriginAustin, Texas, United States
GenresPost-hardcore, noise rock, post-punk
Years active1982–1987, 2006, 2011
LabelsRabid Cat
Touch and Go
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Scratch Acid was an Austin, Texas noise rock group formed in 1982. One of the pioneers of noise rock in the 1980s, the band is best remembered as a stepping stone for its front man David Yow, and bass player David Wm. Sims, both later of The Jesus Lizard.


Scratch Acid was launched in Austin, Texas in 1982. When they first began, their lineup was Steve Anderson (vocals), David Wm. Sims (guitar), Brett Bradford (guitar), David Yow (bass), and Rey Washam (drums). Anderson was kicked out of the band before they ever recorded an album, prompting Yow to move to vocals and Sims to move to bass.

Scratch Acid's first EP was released in 1984 by Texas indie record label Rabid Cat and featured the song "Lay Screaming", a track which vocalist David Yow indicated was "inspired by Marquis de Sade, reading his shit."[1]

The band returned to Rabid Cat for their debut album, Just Keep Eating, released in 1986. When queried about the significance of the title in a February 1987 interview, the band called the title "kinda silly" and "an inside joke", related to the fact that they all had lived together and done well to just keep surviving.[1] Eschewing pop sensibilities but instead pushing boundaries with noise, the band listed Sonic Youth, Big Black, and Butthole Surfers as their stylistic peers.[1]

The band's third and final release, an EP entitled Berserker, was released by Touch and Go Records. A posthumous compilation CD entitled The Greatest Gift was released by Touch and Go Records in 1991.

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