Saratov Airlines Flight 703

Saratov Airlines Flight 703
A bright-orange-coloured passenger jet about to land
RA-61704, the aircraft involved in the crash, seen in May 2017
Date11 February 2018 (2018-02-11)
SummaryLoss of control in flight
Sitenear Stepanovskoye, Moscow Oblast
55°17′59″N 38°23′25″E / 55°17′59″N 38°23′25″E / 55.29972; 38.39028
Aircraft typeAntonov An-148-100B
OperatorSaratov Airlines
IATA flight No.6W703
ICAO flight No.SOV703
Call signSARATOV AIR 703
Flight originMoscow Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, Russia
DestinationOrsk Airport, Orsk, Russia

Saratov Airlines Flight 703 was a domestic passenger flight from Moscow Domodedovo Airport to Orsk Airport in Russia. On 11 February 2018, the aircraft serving the flight, an Antonov An-148-100B, crashed shortly after take-off, killing all 71 people on board — 65 passengers and six crew members.


The aircraft involved in the accident was an Antonov An-148-100B built by Voronezh Aircraft Production Association,[1] registration RA-61704, MSN 27015040004, powered by two Progress D-436 engines. It first flew in May 2010 and was delivered to Rossiya Airlines in June 2010. It had been involved in two previous minor incidents in service; an engine was shut down on 28 July 2013 after it surged in flight, and it suffered a nose wheel failure on take-off on 23 August 2013. The aircraft had been leased to Saratov Airlines since February 2017, a year prior to the crash.[2]

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