Santa Elena, Entre Ríos

Santa Elena
Santa Elena is located in Argentina
Santa Elena
Santa Elena
Location of Santa Elena in Argentina
Coordinates: 30°57′S 59°48′W / 30°57′S 59°48′W / -30.950; -59.800(2010 census)
 • Total17,791
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)
CPA base
Dialing code+54 3437

Santa Elena is a small town located on the left side of the Parana River, in the North of Entre Rios, Argentina.

It has beautiful beaches and it is also one of the best places to go fishing in Entre Rios, in fact, Santa Elena is known as “The Fishing Paradise”.

Every year, a fishing contest takes place by the month of November, which is called Fiesta Provincial del Armado Entrerriano.

Santa Elena is an excellent place if you are looking for fun, peace, and natural environments.

There are a bunch of outdoor activities to practice there such as can kayak rowing, sandbanks arriving, eco trekking, horse riding, or cycling tours.


Regarding celebrations, in January, visitors can enjoy the music of regional artists on the festival "Provincial de la Chamarrita" as well as the "Carnivals" which are considered one the most important in the Litoral.

On this occasion, there is a display of dancers, magnificent costumes and the rhythm of the comparsas.

Santa Elena offers historical places to visit like The Regional Museum, The English Neighborhood, The Factory, and The Old Catholic church .

Come and feel free within nature.

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