Salvador Abascal

Salvador Abascal
BornSalvador Abascal Infante
Morelia, Mexico
Died2000 (aged 90)
Known forPolitician
TitleUNS leader
PredecessorManuel Zermeño
SuccessorManuel Torres Bueno
Political partyNational Synarchist Union
Spouse(s)Maria Guadalupe Carranza Pulido
ChildrenSalvador Abascal Carranza

Salvador Abascal (1910–2000) was a Mexican politician and leading exponent of Mexican synarchism. For a time the leader of the National Synarchist Union (UNS), Abascal represented the orthodox Catholic tendency within the movement.[1]


Born in Morelia into a landowning family, Abascal was the fourth of eleven children.[2] Partly educated at a seminary, Abascal was sympathetic to the Cristeros from an early age.[3] Indeed, his father was a member of the Popular Union, the Cristero party.[4] As a result of these sympathies Abascal passed through a variety of Roman Catholic counterrevolutionary organisations during the 1930s.[3]

He would complete his education at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo where he graduated with a law degree, subsequently serving as a judge in Ayutla.[5] He was dismissed as a judge in 1933 after falling foul of local bosses when he made judgements in favour of claimants to land.[5]

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