SS Torrey Canyon

Name: SS Torrey Canyon
Owner: Barracuda Tanker Corporation
Operator: British Petroleum
Port of registry:   Liberia
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co
Yard number: 532
Laid down: 1959
Launched: 28 October 1958
Identification: UK official number 536535
Fate: Sank after running aground on 18 March 1967
General characteristics
Type: Supertanker
Tonnage: 61,263  GRT
Length: 974.4 ft (297.0 m)
Beam: 125.4 ft (38.2 m)
Draught: 68.7 ft (20.9 m)
Propulsion: Single shaft; steam turbine
Speed: 17 knots (31 km/h; 20 mph)
Capacity: 120,000 tons of crude oil

SS Torrey Canyon was an LR2 Suezmax Class oil tanker with a cargo capacity of 120,000 tons of crude oil. [1] She was shipwrecked off the western coast of Cornwall, England, on 18 March 1967, causing an environmental disaster. At that time she was the largest vessel ever to be wrecked. [2]

Design and history

When laid down by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in the USA in 1959, she had a capacity of 60,000 tons. However, the ship was later enlarged in Japan to 120,000 tons capacity.

At the time of the shipwreck she was owned by Barracuda Tanker Corporation, a subsidiary of the Union Oil Company of California, and registered in Liberia [3] but chartered to British Petroleum. She was 974.4 feet (297.0 m) long, 125.4 feet (38.2 m) beam and had 68.7 feet (20.9 m) of draught.[ citation needed].

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