County-level city
Ruijin is located in China
Location within China
Coordinates: 25°48′N 116°00′E / 25°48′N 116°00′E / 25.800; 116.000
Country China
Province Jiangxi
Prefecture-level city Ganzhou
Postal Code 34????
Chinese 瑞金
Postal Juikin

Ruijin ( Chinese: 瑞金; pinyin: Ruìjīn) is a county-level city of Ganzhou in the mountains bordering Fujian Province in south-eastern Jiangxi.

It is most famous as one of the earliest centers of Chinese communist activity. After being forced out of Jinggangshan in the late 1920s by the Kuomintang, the Communists fled here, taking advantage of Ruijin's relative isolation in the rugged mountains along Jiangxi's border with Fujian. In 1931, under Mao Zedong's leadership, the Chinese Soviet Republic was established here. By 1934, they had again been surrounded by Chiang Kai-shek's forces. It is from here that the famed " Long March" began.[ citation needed]

Ruijin is a popular destination for red tourism and ecotourism. It is a pilgrimage for Maoists from China and around the globe.


On 22 May 2016 the BBC reported that four cars fell into a sinkhole in Ruijin City. [1]

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