River Wensum

The Wensum under trees.JPG
The River Wensum in Norwich
River Wensum is located in Norfolk
River Wensum
Location of the river mouth within Norfolk
TownsSculthorpe, Fakenham, North Elmham, Lenwade, Norwich
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationWhissonsett, Norfolk
 ⁃ coordinates52°47′30″N 0°50′47″E / 52°47′30″N 0°50′47″E / 52.7917; 0.8464
MouthRiver Yare
 ⁃ location
Whitlingham, Norwich
 ⁃ coordinates
52°37′17″N 1°19′23″E / 52°37′17″N 1°19′23″E / 52.6213; 1.323034.0 m3/s (1,200 cu ft/s)29 January 1984
 ⁃ locationSwanton Morley
 ⁃ average2.76 m3/s (97 cu ft/s)
 ⁃ locationFakenham
 ⁃ average0.87 m3/s (31 cu ft/s)
Basin features
 ⁃ leftRiver Tat, River Ainse (or Eyn)
 ⁃ rightRiver Tud

The River Wensum is a chalk river[1] in Norfolk, England and a tributary of the River Yare,[2] despite being the larger of the two rivers. The river is a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest[3][4] and Special Area of Conservation.[5][6]

The Wensum is the principal river on which the city of Norwich was founded.[7] The river passes Carrow Road, the home of Norwich City F.C.; one end of the ground was originally named The River End in its honour, a name that still persists among fans.[8]


The river receives its name from the Old English adjective wandsum or wendsum, meaning "winding".[9]

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