Richie Ray

Richie Ray
Birth nameRicardo Maldonado Morales
Also known as"El Embajador del Piano"
(The Piano Ambassador)
Born (1945-02-15) February 15, 1945 (age 73)
Brooklyn, New York
Occupation(s)Singer, Pianist, Music arranger, Composer and Religious minister
Years active1965–present

Ricardo "Richie" Ray (born February 15, 1945) is a Nuyorican (a New York-born Puerto Rican) virtuoso pianist, singer, music arranger, composer and religious minister known for his success beginning in 1965 as part of the duo Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz. He is known as "El Embajador del Piano" (The Ambassador of the Piano).

Early life

Ray (birth name: Richard Maldonado Morales [note 1]) was born in Brooklyn, New York City of Puerto Rican parents. They lived on Hoyt Street. Ray's father, Pacifico Maldonado, was an accomplished guitarist in his native Bayamón, and as such was the Maldonado family's early musical influence.[1]

Ray's parents had him take lessons and he started to play the piano when he was only seven years old. His lifelong partnership with Robert "Bobby" Cruz Feliciano started five years later in 1957 when Ray played bass in a group led by Cruz. This combination was the beginning of one of the greatest salsa duos in the salsa music industry.[2]

He attended the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, the famed High School of Performing Arts, and the Juilliard School of Music. These experiences served to further develop and refine his musical training. In addition, he became well-versed in various Latin music genres which were popular at that time - the Guajira, the Cha-cha-cha, the Bolero and others.[1]

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