Rice polisher

A rice polisher

A rice polisher is a machine for buffing (or "polishing") kernels of rice to change their appearance, taste, and texture, transforming brown rice into white rice.[1]

Rice polishers are abrasive machines that use talc or some other very fine dust to buff the outer surface of rice kernels. In Japanese farming communities there is often a shared rice polishing machine. The first fully automated rice polishing machine is believed to have been patented by the English engineer and inventor Sampson Moore in 1861.[2] In the 20th century, kitchen appliances for consumers were created that allowed individual cooks to polish rice in their homes.[citation needed]

See also

  • Rice cooker, a kitchen appliance that automates the cooking of rice, and may maintain rice hot, ready to eat
  • Rice huller, a machine that removes the chaff or outer fibrous hull from grains of rice
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