Regions of Peru (1989)

During the 1980s, then Peruvian president Alan García proposed what was supposed to be a radical restructuring of the political and economical divisions of the country: regionalization. The law, which was approved, mandated the creation of regions to function eventually as autonomous economic and administrative entities; 12 regions were formed from 23 of the former 24 departments. Formation of another region was delayed by the reluctance of the Constitutional Province of Callao to merge with the Lima Department. Originally San Martín and La Libertad Regions formed the sole region of San Martín-La Libertad but later were split.

The regions had to assume major responsibilities because of inadequate funding from the central government, and organizational and political difficulties. This political division was never successful, and its implementation was cancelled.

Map of the Political Regions of Peru (1989-1991)
RegionDepartments forming the region
Andrés Avelino Cáceres RegionHuánuco Department (except part of Marañón Province and Leoncio Prado Province), Pasco Department and Junín Department
Arequipa RegionArequipa Department
Chavín RegionAncash Department (plus part of the Marañón Province and Leoncio Prado Province of the Huánuco Department)
Grau RegionTumbes Department and Piura Department
Inca RegionCusco Department, Madre de Diós Department and Apurímac Department
La Libertad RegionLa Libertad Department
Loreto RegionLoreto Department
Los Libertadores-Huari RegionIca Department, Ayacucho Department and Huancavelica Department
José Carlos Mariátegui RegionMoquegua Department, Tacna Department and Puno Department
Nor-Oriental del Marañón RegionLambayeque Department, Cajamarca Department and Amazonas Department
San Martín RegionSan Martín Department
Ucayali RegionUcayali Department
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