Raymond A. Palmer

Raymond A. Palmer
Raymond A. Palmer circa 1930
Raymond A. Palmer circa 1930
BornRaymond Arthur Palmer
August 1, 1910
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Died (aged 67)
Portage, Wisconsin, U.S.
OccupationWriter, editor
GenreScience fiction

Raymond Arthur Palmer (August 1, 1910 – August 15, 1977[1]) was an American editor of Amazing Stories from 1938 through 1949, when he left publisher Ziff-Davis to publish and edit Fate Magazine, and eventually many other magazines and books through his own publishing houses, including Amherst Press and Palmer Publications. In addition to magazines such as Mystic, Search, and Flying Saucers, he published or republished numerous spiritualist books, including Oahspe: A New Bible, as well as several books related to flying saucers, including The Coming of the Saucers, co-written by Palmer with Kenneth Arnold. Palmer was also a prolific author of science fiction and fantasy stories, many of which were published under pseudonyms.

Personal life

According to Bruce Lanier Wright, "Palmer was hit by a truck at age seven and suffered a broken back." An unsuccessful operation on Palmer's spine stunted his growth (he stood about four feet tall), and left him with a hunchback.

Palmer found refuge in science fiction, which he read voraciously. He rose through the ranks of science fiction fandom and is credited, along with Walter Dennis, with editing the first fanzine, The Comet, in May, 1930.[2]

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