Raton, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico
Downtown Raton (2010)
Downtown Raton (2010)
Location within Colfax County and New Mexico
Location within Colfax County and New Mexico
Coordinates: 36°53′49″N 104°26′24″W / 36°53′49″N 104°26′24″W / 36.89694; -104.44000

Raton (n/ TONE)[2] is a city and the county seat of Colfax County in northeastern New Mexico. The city is located just south of Raton Pass. The city is also located approximately 6.5 miles south of the New Mexico/ Colorado border and 85 miles west of Texas.


Santa Fe Trail in Raton
Amtrak station

Ratón is the Spanish word for mouse.

Raton Pass had been used by Spanish explorers and Indians for centuries to cut through the rugged Rocky Mountains, and the mountain branch of the Santa Fe Trail cuts through the city, along what is now Business I-25.

The post office at this location was named Willow Springs from 1877 to 1879, Otero from 1879 to 1880, then renamed Raton in 1880.[3]:286

Raton was founded at the site of Willow Springs, a stop on the Santa Fe Trail. The original 320 acres (129.5 ha) for the Raton townsite were purchased from the Maxwell Land Grant in 1880. In 1879, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway bought a local toll road and established a busy rail line. Raton quickly developed as a railroad, mining and ranching center for the northeast part of the New Mexico territory, as well as the county seat and principal trading center of the area.

The city is mentioned in Jack Kerouac's novel On the Road.

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