Rajendra of Nepal

Rajendra Bikram Shah
King of Nepal
King Rajendra Bikram Shah Deva.jpg
Reign 20 November 1816 – 12 May 1847
Predecessor Girvan Yuddha Bikram Shah
Successor Surendra Bikram Shah
Born 3 December 1813
Basantapur, Nepal
Died 10 July 1881 (aged 67) [1]
Bhaktapur, Nepal
Spouse Samrajya Lakshmi Devi
Rajya Lakshmi Devi
Issue Surendra Bikram Shah
Upendra Bikram Shah
Ranendra Bikram Shah
Birendra Bikram Shah
Dynasty Shah dynasty
Dynasty House of Shah
Father Girvan Yuddha Bikram Shah Deva
Mother Gorakshya Rajya Lakshmi Devi
Religion Hinduism

Rajendra Bikram Shah ( Nepali: राजेन्द्र विक्रम शाह) (1813–1881) was King of Nepal from 1816 to 1847. His reign saw the rise of the Ranas; in 1846, Jung Bahadur Rana came to power and the next year, Rajendra was forced to abdicate in favor of his son, Surendra.

Early life

He became king at age three on the death of his father Girvan Yuddha Bikram Shah Deva. As had been the case with his father, most of Rajendra's rule was under the regency of his step-grandmother Queen Lalita Tripura Sundari Devi (died 1832) and Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa. As regent, Bhimsen Thapa kept the king in isolation—he did not even have the freedom to leave the palace without permission.