Réunion (card game)

An historical German card game.
Skat cards-Jacks of Diamonds and Hearts.jpg
J and J as Right Bower and Left Bower when Diamonds are trumps
Alternative namesReunion
DeckPiquet or Skat pack
Card rank (highest first)RB LB A K Q 10 – 7
A K Q (J) 10 – 7
Playing time20 min/round
Related games
Bester Bube, Euchre, Skat
Features: Left and Right Bowers, skat

Réunion, Reunion or Vereinigungsspiel is an historical German point-trick game for three players which, despite its French name, appears to have originated in the Rhineland. It is a 10-card game of the Ace-Ten family and uses a 32-card French-suited piquet pack or 32-card Skat pack. Players who cannot follow suit must trump. Otherwise the game can be described as a simplified version of Skat, but is also reminiscent of Euchre with its two permanent top trumps, the Right and Left Bowers.


The game occurs in 19th century German game anthologies, where it was said to be popular in the western parts of Germany, and more specifically the area of the rivers Rhine, Main, Lahn and Neckar. Due to the Napoleonic Wars, this area was under a strong French cultural influence in the early years of the century. Despite the game's French name, it does not appear in the French game anthologies of the time, and the card-point schedule is more similar to German or Dutch games than to French games. Parlett calls it an "18th-century Rhenish game".[1]

More recently the rules of Reunion have appeared in the book of card game rules by card manufacturers, ASS Altenburger,[2] and in Parlett's Penguin Book of Card Games, which points out that a variant, Harjan, is still played in Norway.[1]

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