Quanta Live

Quanta gente veio ver: Ao Vivo
Gilberto Gil - Quanta Live album cover.jpg
Live album by
Released4 August 1998
VenueTeatro João Caetano
Genretropicalia,[1] samba,[2] funk,[2] bossa nova,[3] reggae,[3] jazz,[3] salsa,[3] pop[2]
LanguagePortuguese, English
ProducerGilberto Gil
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Quanta gente veio ver: Ao Vivo
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Quanta gente veio ver: Ao Vivo (English: How many people came to see: Live), known internationally as Quanta Live, is a Grammy-winning 1998 album by Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil recorded live with a seven-piece band at the Teatro João Caetano in Rio de Janeiro during his 1997 world tour. At the 41st Annual Grammy Awards, it won the award for Best World Album. The album's tracks span a number of musical styles, including tropicalia, a genre with which Gil is closely associated, as well as samba, funk, bossa nova, reggae, jazz, salsa, and pop.

Background and style

Quanta gente veio ver: Ao Vivo was recorded at the Teatro João Caetano in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during his 1997 world tour.[1][2] It is connected in name and content to his 1997 studio-recorded album Quanta, which included a variety of tracks from different points in his career.[2] Quanta Live is the name of the international release.

Stylistically, Gil's well known association with the tropicalia genre is evident on the album, and its musical content has also been described as including samba, funk, bossa nova, reggae, jazz, salsa, and pop songs and styles.[1][2][3]

Most of the songs Gil plays with his seven-person supporting band were written by Gil. Two are covers of popular Bob Marley songs, "Is This Love" and "Stir It Up", one was written by Gordurinha, one by Alberto Ribeiro, and another co-written by Gil, João Barone, Bi Ribeiro, and Herbert Vianna.[1]

Talking about the album in an interview with The Austin Chronicle, Gil said "What I really like to do is pick up the guitar and play, to write a song and sing it, to incorporate elements from all kinds of music. That's why I like Quanta Live. It's everything. It's jazz and samba and reggae and salsa. It's bossa nova and baião. It's everything together. That's what I like."[3]