Union territory of India
Aerial view of Pondicherry
Aerial view of Pondicherry
Official logo of Puducherry
Seal of Puducherry
Location of Puducherry (marked in red) in India
Location of Puducherry (marked in red) in India
Coordinates: 11°54′40″N 79°48′45″E / 11°54′40″N 79°48′45″E / 11.911082; 79.812533
Country India
French India colony of the French colonial empire1673
de facto transfer to India1 November 1954
de jure transfer to India16 August 1962
Capital and Largest cityPondicherry
 • Lieutenant GovernorKiran Bedi[1]
 • Chief MinisterV. Narayanasamy (INC) [2]
 • Chief SecretaryAshwani Kumar, IAS[3]
 • Director General of PoliceSunil Kumar Gautam, IPS[4]
 • LegislatureUnicameral (33*seats) [5]
 • Total562 km2 (217 sq mi)
Area rank33rd
Population (2011)
 • Total1,244,464
 • Rank29th
 • Density2,200/km2 (5,700/sq mi)
 • OfficialTamil (in Pondicherry and Karaikal) [6] Malayalam(in Mahé), Telugu (in Yanam), English[6] and French
Time zoneIST (UTC+05:30)
ISO 3166 codeIN-PY
Vehicle registrationPY 01, PY 02, PY 03, PY 04, PY 05, PY 05V
^* 30 elected, 3 nominated

Puducherry (i/, literally New Town in Tamil),[7] formerly known as Pondicherry (i/), is a union territory of India. It was formed out of four exclaves of former French India, namely Pondichéry (Pondicherry; now Puducherry), Karikal (Karaikal), Mahé and Yanaon (Yanam). It is named after the largest district, Puducherry. Historically known as Pondicherry (Pāṇṭiccēri), the territory changed its official name to Puducherry (Putuccēri) on 20 September 2006.[8]

Puducherry lies in the southern part of the Indian Peninsula. The areas of Puducherry district and Karaikal district are bound by the state of Tamil Nadu, while Yanam district and Mahé district are enclosed by the states of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala respectively. Puducherry is the 29th most populous and the third most densely populated of the states and union territories of India. It has a gross domestic product (GDP) of 0.21 lakh crore (US$3.1 billion) and ranks 27th in India.[9]


The earliest recorded history of Puducherry can be traced to the 2nd century AD. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea mentions a marketplace named Poduke (ch 60). G. W. B. Huntingford suggested this might be a site about 2 miles from the modern Puducherry, which was possibly the location of Arikamedu (now part of Ariyankuppam). Huntingford noted that Roman pottery was found at Arikamedu in 1937. In addition, archaeological excavations between 1944 and 1949 showed that it was "a trading station to which goods of Roman manufacture were imported during the first half of the 1st century CE" Subsequent investigation by Vimala Begley from 1989 to 1992 modified this assessment, and now place the period of occupation from the 3rd or 2nd century BCE to the 8th century CE.[10] to .[11]

In 1674, Pondicherry (Pondichéry) became a French colony of the French colonial empire. Together with Chandernagor (already French since 1673), Mahé (since 1721), Yanam (Yanaon) (since 1731), Karaikal (Karikal) (since 1739) and Masulipatam (1760), it formed the French colony of French India, under a single French governor in Pondicherry, although French rule over one or more of these enclaves was repeatedly interrupted by British occupations. The territories of French India were completely transferred to the Republic of India de facto on 1 November 1954, and de jure on 16 August 1962, when French India ceased to exist, becoming the present Indian constituent union territory of Pondicherry, still combining four coastal enclaves.

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