Privatdozent (for men) or Privatdozentin (for women), abbreviated PD, P.D. or Priv.-Doz., is an academic title similar to Adjunct professor in North America conferred at some European universities, especially in German-speaking countries, to someone who holds certain formal qualifications that denote an ability to teach (venia legendi) a designated subject at university level. In its current usage, the title indicates that the holder has permission to teach and examine independently without having a chair. The title is not necessarily connected to a salaried position, but may entail a nominal obligation to teach.

Conferment and roles

A university faculty can confer the title to an academic who has a higher doctoral degree - usually in the form of a habilitation.[1] The title, Privatdozent, as such does not imply a salaried appointment; it merely denotes permission to teach and examine independently at the conferring faculty without a professorial appointment. At German universities, some title holders are appointed as Dozent on a fee basis, or as senior researchers through externally funded research projects.

Many title holders do not have remuneration agreements with their conferring institution, but depending on local regulations may be required to teach in order to maintain their status as a Privatdozent.[2] In 2012 more than 5000 honorarium Privatdozenten worked at German universities without a salary.[1] A Privatdozent ceases to hold the title if appointed at professorial level or if discontinuing lecturing at the faculty. [1]

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