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Primula vulgaris (primrose)
Scientific classification edit
Batsch ex Borkh.[1]

The Primulaceae are a family of herbaceous and woody flowering plants with about 53 genera with 2790 species,[2] including some favorite garden plants and wildflowers, commonly known as the primrose family. Most Primulaceae are perennial though some species, such as scarlet pimpernel,[3] are annuals.[4] The family has been variously circumscribed, but it is now accepted in the broad sense including the former families Myrsinaceae and Theophrastaceae, because many genera traditionally placed in Primulaceae were found to belong to those other families and when united their circumscription remains intact.


In the APG III system, Myrsinaceae and Theophrastaceae were not recognized, but were merged in an expanded Primulaceae, which in that system is circumscribed broadly.[1]

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