Prime Minister of Slovakia

Chairman of the Government of the Slovak Republic
Predseda vlády Slovenskej republiky
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Igor Matovič.jpg
Igor Matovič

since 21 March 2020
Member ofEuropean Council
Residence Episcopal Summer Palace
AppointerPresident of the Republic
Term lengthDepending on the support of the National Council
Inaugural holderŠtefan Sádovský
Formation2 January 1969
Salaryc. 61,919 annually[1]
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The Chairman of the Government of the Slovak Republic (Slovak: Predseda vlády Slovenskej republiky), also known as the Prime Minister of Slovakia (Slovak: Premiér), is the head of the government of the Slovak Republic. On paper, the officeholder is the third highest constitutional official in Slovakia after the President of the Republic (appointer) and Speaker of the National Council; in practice, the appointee is the country's leading political figure.

Since the creation of the office in 1969, thirteen persons have served as head of government. Since 1993, when Slovakia gained independence, six persons have occupied the function. On 21 March 2020, Igor Matovič became Prime Minister of Slovakia.


The office of Prime Minister of Slovakia was established in 1969 by the Constitutional Act on the Czechoslovak Federation. A similar office had existed from 1918 when various officials were presiding over executive bodies governing the Slovak part of Czechoslovakia or the Slovak State respectively. Since 1993, when the independent Slovak Republic was established, there have been six persons to hold the office. Since 2020, the Prime Minister of Slovakia has been Igor Matovič.

Powers and role

Since Slovakia is a parliamentary republic the Prime Minister is accountable to the National Council. The Slovak Constitution provides that upon the accession to the office each Prime Minister must gain and thereafter maintain the confidence of the Parliament. As soon as the Prime Minister loses the confidence, the President is obliged to dismiss him and designate a new Prime Minister or entrust the dismissed Prime Minister to act as a caretaker with limited powers.

The Prime Minister is the most powerful office in state, since he commands and presides over the Government. Although it is not the Prime Minister but the President who appoints Ministers in Cabinet, the President appoints Ministers on the advice of the Prime Minister.

Designated Prime Minister of Slovakia

Designated Prime Minister of Slovakia (Slovak: designovaný predseda vlády) is an unofficial title for a person who has been entrusted by the President of the Slovak Republic with forming a new government and replacing the outgoing Prime Minister. This title, as well as the authorization of the president to entrust the designated PM, is not set by an act but is a legal or, more precisely, constitutional tradition. According to this tradition, the President designates a person who has support of the majority of deputies in the National Council.

List of Prime Ministers of Slovakia

First Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)

Minister plenipotentiary for administration of Slovakia

Land President of Slovakia

  • Ján Drobný (1 July 1928 – 1929)
  • Jozef Országh (1929–1938)
  • Julián Šimko (1938–1939)

Second Czechoslovak Republic (1938–1939)

Prime Ministers of the Autonomy Government of Slovakia

First Slovak Republic (1939–1945)

Prime Ministers of the First Slovak Republic

Third Czechoslovak Republic (1945–1948)

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners

Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1948–1989)

1 January 1969 – 5 March 1990: called "Slovak Socialist Republic" within Czechoslovakia.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners

  • Gustáv Husák (14 August 1946 – 4 May 1950)
  • Karol Bacílek (4 May 1950 – 7 September 1951)
  • Július Ďuriš (7 September 1951 – 31 January 1953)
  • Rudolf Strechaj (31 January 1953 – 11 July 1960)

Chairman of the Slovak National Council

  • Rudolf Strechaj (14 July 1960 – 28 July 1962)
  • Jozef Lenárt (31 October 1962 – 20 March 1963)
  • Michal Chudík (23 March 1963 – 29 December 1968)

Prime Ministers of the Slovak Socialist Republic

  1. Štefan Sádovský: 2 January 1969 – 5 May 1969
  2. Peter Colotka: 5 May 1969 – 12 October 1988
  3. Ivan Knotek: 13 October 1988 – 22 June 1989
  4. Pavel Hrivnák: 23 June 1989 – 8 December 1989

Czech and Slovak Federative Republic (1990–1992)

6 March 1990 – 31 December 1992: called "Slovak Republic" within Czechoslovakia.

Prime Ministers of the Slovak Republic

  KSČ        VPN       KDH
Term of OfficePolitical PartyCabinetNational Council
Took OfficeLeft OfficeDays
5Milan Čič (jan. 2012).jpgMilan Čič
10 December 198927 June 1990197Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
IKSČVPN5 ( ···· )
Public Against Violence
6Vladimir Meciar.jpgVladimír Mečiar
(born 1942)
27 June 19906 May 1991299Public Against Violence
7Ján Čarnogurský (2012).jpgJán Čarnogurský
(born 1944)
6 May 199124 June 1992428Christian Democratic Movement

Slovak Republic (1993–present)

From 1 January 1993 after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

  HZDS/ĽS-HZDS (National conservative)        DEÚS (Liberal conservative)       SDK (Christian democrat)       SDKÚ/SDKÚ-DS (Liberal conservative)       SMER-SD (Social democratic)       OĽaNO (Conservative)
Term of OfficePolitical PartyCabinetNational Council
Took OfficeLeft OfficeDays
1Vladimir Meciar.jpgVladimír Mečiar
(born 1942)
24 June 199215 March 1994629Movement for a Democratic Slovakia
IIHZDS, joined by SNS in 1993(1992)
2Coat of arms of Slovakia.svgJozef Moravčík
(born 1945)
15 March 199413 December 1994273Democratic Union of Slovakia
(1)Vladimir Meciar.jpgVladimír Mečiar
(born 1942)
13 December 199430 October 19981417Movement for a Democratic Slovakia
3Mikulas Dzurinda.jpgMikuláš Dzurinda
(born 1955)
30 October 199815 October 20022804Slovak Democratic Coalition
SDK later replaced by SDKÚ
SDK later replaced by SDKÚ
16 October 20024 July 2006Slovak Democratic and Christian Union
4Fico Juncker (cropped).jpgRobert Fico
(born 1964)
4 July 20068 July 20101465Direction – Social Democracy
5Iveta Radičová (jan. 2012).jpgIveta Radičová
(born 1956)
8 July 20104 April 2012636Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party
(4)Fico Juncker (cropped).jpgRobert Fico
(born 1964)
4 April 201223 March 20162919Direction – Social Democracy
23 March 201622 March 2018IIISMER-SDSNSMost–HídSIEŤ
SIEŤ exited cabinet
6Peter Pellegrini - 2015.jpgPeter Pellegrini
(born 1975)
22 March 201821 March 2020730Direction – Social Democracy
ISMER-SDSNSMost–Híd( ···· )
7Igor Matovič.jpgIgor Matovič
(born 1973)
21 March 2020Incumbent11Ordinary People and Independent Personalities
IOĽaNOSme RodinaSaS - Za ľudí(2020)


#Prime MinisterDate of birthAge at inauguration
(first term)
Time in office
Age at retirement
(last term)
Date of deathLongevity
1Mečiar, VladimírVladimír Mečiar19420726July 26, 1942(July 26, 1942)49 33449 years, 334 days05 2215 years, 221 days56 09656 years, 96 daysLiving28,37477 years, 250 days (Living)
2Moravčík, JozefJozef Moravčík19450319March 19, 1945(March 19, 1945)49 36149 years, 361 days00 2730 years, 273 days50 26950 years, 269 daysLiving27,40775 years, 13 days (Living)
3Dzurinda, MikulášMikuláš Dzurinda19550204February 4, 1955(February 4, 1955)43 26843 years, 268 days07 2477 years, 247 days51 15051 years, 150 daysLiving23,79865 years, 57 days (Living)
4Fico, RobertRobert Fico19640915September 15, 1964(September 15, 1964)41 29241 years, 292 days09 3569 years, 356 days53 4653 years, 46 daysLiving20,28755 years, 199 days (Living)
5Radičová, IvetaIveta Radičová19561207December 7, 1956(December 7, 1956)53 21353 years, 213 days01 2711 year, 271 days55 11955 years, 119 daysLiving23,12663 years, 116 days (Living)
6Pellegrini, PeterPeter Pellegrini19751006October 6, 1975(October 6, 1975)42 16742 years, 167 days01 3651 year, 365 days44 16644 years, 166 daysLiving16,24944 years, 178 days (Living)
7Matovič, IgorIgor Matovič19730511May 11, 1973(May 11, 1973)46 31546 years, 315 days00 00311 days (ongoing)IncumbentLiving17,12746 years, 326 days (Living)


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