Prime Minister of Malta

Prime Minister of Malta
Prim Ministru ta' Malta
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Coat of Arms of the Republic of Malta
Robert Abela as PM.jpg
Robert Abela

since 13 January 2020
StyleThe Honourable
Member ofCabinet of Malta
European Council
ResidenceVilla Francia (primary)
Girgenti Palace (summer)
AppointerPresident of Malta
Inaugural holderJoseph Howard
Salary€50,276 annually[1]
Coat of arms of Malta.svg
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The prime minister of Malta (Maltese: Prim Ministru ta' Malta) is the head of government, which is the highest official of Malta.

Establishment of the office and developments

The office of "Head of Ministry" was created as soon as Malta was granted autonomous government in 1921.[2] The 1921 constitution was suspended twice before being revoked. On the first occasion (1930–33), the head of ministry (at the time Gerald Strickland) and his cabinet were retained. Following the second suspension in 1934, the cabinet was dismissed.

The constitution was revoked in 1936 and the post did not exist for as long as Malta was under direct colonial administration. The office was re-established with the grant of self-government in 1947 with the post being renamed as "Prime Minister of Malta". The post was again suppressed when the 1947 constitution was again suspended between 1958 and 1962 but was retained largely unchanged in the 1964 independence constitution and the subsequent amendments of 1974 which transformed the form of government into a republic.