Postal codes in Mexico

Postal codes in Mexico are issued by SEPOMEX (Servicio Postal Mexicano) (Mexican Postal Service). They are of five digits and modelled on the US ZIP Code system. The first two digits identify a state (or part thereof); and assignments are done alphabetically by state name, except for codes in the 0xxxx–1xxxx range which identify the delegaciones (boroughs) of Mexico City.

00–16 Distrito Federal20 Aguascalientes21–22 Baja California23 Baja California Sur
24 Campeche29–30 Chiapas31–33 Chihuahua25–27 Coahuila
28 Colima34–35 Durango36–38 Guanajuato39–41 Guerrero
42–43 Hidalgo44–49 Jalisco50–57 México58–61 Michoacán
62 Morelos63 Nayarit64–67 Nuevo León68–71 Oaxaca
72–75 Puebla76 Querétaro77 Quintana Roo78–79 San Luis Potosí
80–82 Sinaloa83–85 Sonora86 Tabasco87–89 Tamaulipas
90 Tlaxcala91–96 Veracruz97 Yucatán98–99 Zacatecas
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