Port of Norwich

Part of the port today.

The Port of Norwich is a small port on the River Wensum at Norwich, Norfolk. The use of the river as a port stretches back at least to medieval times, however its current standing as a port dates to an Act of Parliament on 28 May 1827.[1]

The name Norwich comes from the Middle Saxon north wic meaning "north port" and there is evidence of urban settlement on the north bank from the tenth century.[2] Norwich was likely founded as a port when the former Roman port of Venta Icenorum three miles to the south silted up.[3]

The port was still in regular use in the 1960s and 1970s and continued to have some limited traffic in the 2010s.[4] The port authority is Norwich City Council, who in 2012 stated that they consider the port defunct as a commercial port.[5]


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