Pope Martin V


Martin V
Bishop of Rome
Pisanello, copia da Ritratto di Martino V (Galleria Colonna).jpg
Elected11 November 1417
Papacy began14 November 1417
Papacy ended20 February 1431
PredecessorGregory XII
SuccessorEugene IV
Ordination13 November 1417
Consecration14 November 1417
by Jean Franczon Allarmet de Brogny
Created cardinal12 June 1405
by Innocent VII
Personal details
Birth nameOddone Colonna
Genazzano, near Rome, Papal States
Died(1431-02-20)20 February 1431
(aged 62)
Rome, Papal States
Other popes named Martin
Papal styles of
Pope Martin V
C o a Martino V.svg
Reference styleHis Holiness
Spoken styleYour Holiness
Religious styleHoly Father
Posthumous styleNone

Pope Martin V (Latin: Martinus V; January/February 1369 – 20 February 1431), born Otto (or Oddone) Colonna, was Pope from 11 November 1417 to his death in 1431.[1] His election effectively ended the Western Schism (1378–1417).


He was born at Genazzano, the son of Agapito Colonna and Caterina Conti, between January 26 and February 20, 1369.[2] He belonged to one of the oldest and most distinguished families of Rome. His brother Giordano became Prince of Salerno and Duke of Venosa, while his sister Paola was Lady of Piombino between 1441 and 1445.

Oddone studied law at the University of Pavia.[3] He became apostolic protonotary under Pope Urban VI (1378–89), and was created Cardinal-Deacon of San Giorgio in Velabro by Pope Innocent VII in 1405.

In 1409 he took part in the Council of Pisa, and was one of the supporters of Antipope Alexander V. Later he confirmed his allegiance to Alexander's successor, John XXIII, by whom his family obtained several privileges, while Oddone obtained for himself the vicariate of Todi, Orvieto, Perugia and Umbria. He was excommunicated for this in 1411 by Pope Gregory XII. Oddone was with John XXIII's entourage at the Council of Constance and followed him in his escape at Schaffhausen on 21 March 1415. Later he returned to Constance and took part in the process leading to the deposition of John XXIII.[4]

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