Pope Gregory XI


Gregory XI
Bishop of Rome
Papa Gregorius Undecimus.jpg
Papacy began30 December 1370
Papacy ended27 March 1378
PredecessorUrban V
SuccessorUrban VI
Ordination2 January 1371
Consecration3 January 1371
Created cardinal29 May 1348
by Clement VI
Personal details
Birth namePierre Roger de Beaufort
Bornc. 1329
Maumont, Limousin, Kingdom of France
Died27 March 1378(1378-03-27) (aged 48–49)
Rome, Papal States
Other popes named Gregory
A bolognino of Gregory XI.
Family Tree of the Beauforts

Pope Gregory XI (Latin: Gregorius; c. 1329 – 27 March 1378) was Pope from 30 December 1370 to his death in 1378. He was the seventh and last Avignon pope[1] and the most recent French pope. In 1377, Gregory XI returned the Papal court to Rome, ending nearly 70 years of papal residency in Avignon, France. He was the seventh and last of the Avignon Popes. His death shortly after was followed by the Western Schism.


He was born Pierre Roger de Beaufort at Maumont in the Dioceses of Limoges around 1330. His uncle, Pierre Cardinal Roger, Archbishop of Rouen was elected Pope in 1342 and took the name Pope Clement VI. Clement VI bestowed a number of benefices upon his nephew and in 1348, created the eighteen-year-old a cardinal deacon. The young cardinal attended the University of Perugia, where he became a skilled canonist and theologian.[2] He later held the position of protodeacon of the Sacred College.

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