Pope Benedict VI


Benedict VI
Pope Benedict VI Illustration.jpg
Papacy began19 January 973
Papacy endedJune 974
PredecessorJohn XIII
SuccessorBenedict VII
Personal details
Birth nameBenedictus
BornRome, Papal States
DiedJune 974
Rome, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Previous postCardinal-Priest (964–974)
Other popes named Benedict

Pope Benedict VI (Latin: Benedictus VI; d. June 974) was Pope from 19 January 973 to his death in 974. His brief pontificate occurred in the political context of the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire, during the transition between the reigns of German emperors Otto I and Otto II, incorporating the struggle for power of Roman aristocratic families such as the Crescentii and Tusculani.

Early life and election as Pope

The son of a Roman of German ancestry named Hildebrand,[1] Benedict VI was born in Rome in the region called Sub Capitolio (in what was the old 8th region of Augustan Rome, the Forum Romanum). Prior to his election as pope, he was the Cardinal deacon of the church of Saint Theodore.[2]

On the death of Pope John XIII in September 972, the majority of the electors who adhered to the imperial faction chose Benedict to be his successor. He was not consecrated until January 973, due to the need to gain the approval of the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I.[3] Installed as pope under the protection of Otto I, Benedict was seen as a puppet of the emperor by the local Roman aristocracy who resented the emperor’s dominance in Roman civil and ecclesiastical affairs.[4]

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