Pope Anastasius IV

Anastasius IV
Papacy began8 July 1153
Papacy ended3 December 1154
PredecessorEugene III
SuccessorAdrian IV
Personal details
Birth nameCorrado Demetri della Suburra
Bornca. 1073
Rome, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Died(1154-12-03)3 December 1154
Rome, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Other popes named Anastasius
Papal styles of
Pope Anastasius IV
Emblem of the Papacy SE.svg
Reference styleHis Holiness
Spoken styleYour Holiness
Religious styleHoly Father
Posthumous stylenone

Pope Anastasius IV (c. 1073[1] – 3 December 1154), born Corrado Demetri della Suburra, was Pope from 8 July 1153[2] to his death in 1154. He is the last pope to take the name "Anastasius" upon his election.

Early life

He was a Roman, son of Benedictus de Suburra, probably of the family of Demetri,[3] and became a secular clerk.[4] He was created cardinal-priest of S. Pudenziana by Pope Paschal II no later than in 1114.[5] In 1127 or 1128 Pope Honorius II[6] promoted him to the suburbicarian See of Sabina.[7] He had taken part in the double papal election of 1130, had been one of the most determined opponents of Antipope Anacletus II and, when Pope Innocent II fled to France, had been left behind as his vicar in Italy. At the time of his election to the papacy in July 1153 he was Dean of the College of Cardinals and probably the oldest member of that body.[citation needed]

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