Planned community

Partizánske in Slovakia – an example of a typical planned industrial city founded in 1938 together with a shoemaking factory in which practically all adult inhabitants of the city were employed
Abuja, FCT in Nigeria, which was built mainly in the 1980s, was the fastest growing city in the world between 2000 and 2010, with an increase of 139.7%, and still expanding rapidly[1]
Brasília, the capital of Brazil, was built and concluded in less than 1000 days in 1960
Plan of Fredericia (Denmark) in 1900 – the city was founded in 1650

A planned community, planned city or planned town, is any community that was carefully planned from its inception and is typically constructed on previously undeveloped land. This contrasts with settlements that evolve in a more ad hoc fashion. Land use conflicts are less frequent in these communities.[citation needed]

The term new town refers to planned communities of the new towns movement in particular, mainly in the United Kingdom. It was also common in the European colonization of the Americas to build according to a plan either on fresh ground or on the ruins of earlier Native American villages.[2]

Planned capitals

Inner Canberra, Australia.

A planned capital is a city specially planned, designed and built to be a capital. Several of the world's national capitals are planned capitals, including Canberra in Australia, Brasília in Brazil, Belmopan in Belize, New Delhi in India, Abuja in Nigeria, Islamabad in Pakistan, Naypyidaw in Burma and Washington, D.C. in the United States, and the modern parts of Astana in Kazakhstan and Ankara in Turkey. In Egypt, a new capital city east of Cairo has been proposed. The federal administrative centre of Malaysia, Putrajaya, is also a planned city.

Abu Dhabi (UAE) and some of the recently built cities in the Persian Gulf region are also planned cities, built on the money from the oil boom. Prior to the boom, these were just villages or towns.

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