Petro Poroshenko

Petro Poroshenko
Петро Олексійович Порошенко
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5th President of Ukraine
Assumed office
7 June 2014
Prime MinisterArseniy Yatsenyuk
Volodymyr Groysman
Preceded byOleksandr Turchynov (acting)
2nd Minister of Trade and Economic Development
In office
13 March 2011 – 4 December 2012
Prime MinisterMykola Azarov
Preceded byAndriy Klyuyev
Succeeded byIhor Prasolov
9th Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
9 October 2009 – 11 March 2010
Prime MinisterYulia Tymoshenko
Oleksandr Turchynov (acting)
Preceded byVolodymyr Khandohiy
Succeeded byKostyantyn Gryshchenko
4th Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council
In office
8 February 2005 – 8 September 2005
PresidentViktor Yushchenko
Preceded byVolodymyr Radchenko
Succeeded byAnatoliy Kinakh
People's Deputy of Ukraine
3rd convocation
In office
12 May 1998 – 14 May 2002
ConstituencyIndependent, Vinnytsia Oblast,
District No.12[1]
4th convocation
In office
14 May 2003 – 8 September 2006
ConstituencyOur Ukraine Bloc, Vinnytsia Oblast, District No.12[2][3]
5th convocation
In office
25 May 2006 – 15 June 2007
ConstituencyOur Ukraine Bloc, No.33[4]
7th convocation
In office
12 December 2012 – 3 June 2014
ConstituencyIndependent, Vinnytsia Oblast,
District No.12[5]
Personal details
Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko

(1965-09-26) 26 September 1965 (age 53)
Bolhrad, Ukrainian SSR, USSR
Political partySDPU(O) (1990–2000)
PSU/S (2000–2013)
PRVTSU/PR (2000–2001)
NU/NSNU (2005–2012)
NASTUP/BOS (2013–2014)
BPP/BPP-S (2014–present)
Spouse(s)Maryna Perevedentseva
ResidenceMariyinsky Palace (official)
Kozyn, Kiev Oblast (private)
Alma materTaras Shevchenko National University
Salary~11,000, annual[6][7]
SignatureOfficial website
Military service
Allegiance Soviet Union
Service/branchSoviet Army
Years of service1983–1987

Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko (Ukrainian: Петро́ Олексі́йович Пороше́нко, pronounced [pɛˈtrɔ ɔlɛkˈsʲijɔwɪtʃ pɔrɔˈʃɛnkɔ]; born 26 September 1965[8]) is the fifth and current President of Ukraine (excluding acting president Oleksandr Turchynov), in office since 2014.[9] He served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2010, and as the Minister of Trade and Economic Development in 2012. From 2007 until 2012, Poroshenko headed the Council of Ukraine's National Bank.

Outside government, Poroshenko has been a prominent Ukrainian oligarch[10] with a lucrative career in acquiring and building assets. His most recognized brands are Roshen, the large-scale confectionery company which has earned him the nickname of 'Chocolate King',[10] and the TV channel 5 kanal, an all-news national TV broadcaster. Due to the scale of his business holdings in the manufacturing, agriculture and financial sectors, his political influence that included several stints at government prior to his presidency, and ownership of an influential mass-media outlet, Poroshenko has long been considered one of the prominent Ukrainian oligarchs even though not the most influential among them.

He was elected president on 25 May 2014, capturing more than 54% of the vote in the first round, thereby winning outright and avoiding a run-off.

Early life and education

Poroshenko was born in the city of Bolhrad, in Odessa Oblast, on 26 September 1965 to Oleksij Ivanovich Poroshenko and Evgenia Sergeevna (née Grigorchuk).[11][12] His father, Oleksij Poroshenko [de; uk; ru], was an engineer and later government official who managed several factories during the Soviet rule in Ukraine. Little is known about his mother but a Ukrainian newspaper said she was an accountant, who taught at a vocational and technical school of accounting.[13] He also spent his childhood and youth in Bendery (Moldavian SSR, now under de facto control of the unrecognized breakaway state Transnistria).[14][15] where his father Oleksij was heading a machine building plant.[14]

In his youth, Poroshenko practiced judo and sambo, and was a Candidate for Master of Sport of the USSR.[16] Despite good grades he was not awarded the normal gold medal at graduation, and on his report card he was given a "C" for his behavior.[17] After getting into a fight with four Soviet Army cadets at the military commissariat, he was sent to army service in the distant Kazakh SSR.[17]

In 1989, Poroshenko graduated, having started studying in 1982, with a degree in economics from the international relations and law department (subsequently the Institute of International Relations) at the Kiev State University.[18] At this university he was friends with Mikheil Saakashvili who he in May 2015 would appoint as Governor of the Odessa Oblast (region) and who is a former President of Georgia .[19]

In 1984 Poroshenko married a medical student, Maryna Perevedentseva (born 1962).[16] Their first son, Oleksiy, was born in 1985 (his three other children were born in 2000 and 2001).[16]

From 1989 to 1992 Poroshenko was an assistant at the university's international economic relations department.[16] While still a student, he founded a legal advisory firm mediating the negotiation of contracts in foreign trade, and then he undertook the negotiations himself, starting to supply cocoa beans to the Soviet chocolate industry in 1991.[16] At the same time, he was deputy director of the 'Republic' Union of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, and the CEO "Exchange House Ukraine".[16]

Poroshenko's brother, Mykhailo, older by eight years, died in a 1997 car accident under mysterious circumstances.[20]

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