Petrič Fortress

Alternative namePetrč
BuilderKing Milutin
Materiallarge stones and lime mortar
Foundedend of the 13th century[1]
Satellite ofNerodimlje (court of the King of Serbia)
Official nameВелики и Мали Петрич, Неродимље, Урошевац
Designated31 December 1967
Reference no.СК 1418

Petrič (Serbian: Petrič, Петрич) or Petrč or Petrić was a strategic military complex consisting of two late medieval fortresses in Nerodimlje Župa of the Kingdom of Serbia.[2] The role of the main fortress Veliki Petrič (or Velika Kaleja) and a smaller fortress Mali Petrič (or Mala Kaleja) was to protect the court of the King of Serbia in Nerodimlja.[3][4]

Location and construction

Two fortresses were built on two adjacent hills of the southern slopes of Crnoljeva mountain, above the king's court Nerodimlje and also above the confluence of two streams (Mala Reka and Golema Reka) that form Nerodimka river,[3][5] west of the modern day town Ferizaj in Kosovo.[6] Mali Petrič was built around 3.5 km south of the bigger fortress Veliki Petrič.[3]

The remnants of both Veliki and Mali Petrič are covered with forest. Based on the configuration of the land it can be assumed that Veliki Petrič had triangular shape. The thickness of the remnants of the southern wall is between 2 and 2.2 metres (7 ft 3 in). It was built of large stones and lime mortar. There was a gate in southern wall which was 3.3 metres (11 ft) wide.[6] Konstantin Jireček described remnants of four towers of this fort.[7]

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