Peter III of Aragon

Peter III
Pedro III rey de Aragón.jpg
Peter III depicted in the contemporary Florentine Nuova Cronica by Giovanni Villani.
King of Aragon and Valencia
Count of Barcelona
Reign27 July 1276 – 11 November 1285
CoronationNovember 1276 (Zaragoza)
PredecessorJames I
SuccessorAlfonso III
King of Sicily
Reign4 September 1282 – 11 November 1285
Coronation9 November 1282 (Palermo)
PredecessorCharles I
SuccessorJames II
Bornc. 1239
Died11 November 1285 (aged 45–46)
Vilafranca del Penedès
ConsortConstance (II) of Sicily
IssueAlfonso III of Aragon
James II of Aragon
Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal
Frederick III of Sicily
Yolande, Duchess of Calabria
Peter of Aragon
FatherJames I of Aragon
MotherViolant of Hungary
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Peter III of Aragon (1239–11 November 1285),[1] known as Peter the Great, was King of Aragon, King of Valencia, and Count of Barcelona from 1276 to his death; this union of kingdoms was called the Crown of Aragon. At the invitation of some rebels, he conquered the Kingdom of Sicily and became King of Sicily in 1282, pressing the claim of his wife, Constance, uniting the kingdom to the crown. He was one of the greatest of medieval Aragonese monarchs.

Youth and succession

Peter was the eldest son of James I of Aragon and his second wife Violant of Hungary. Among (opportunistic) betrothals of his youth, he was betrothed to Eudoxia, the youngest daughter of Emperor Theodore II Laskaris of Nicaea, in or before 1260. This contract was dissolved, however, after Eudoxia's brother lost the imperial throne in 1261, and Eudoxia was instead married to the Count of Tenda. On 13 June 1262, Peter married Constance, daughter and heir of Manfred of Sicily. During his youth and early adulthood, Peter gained a great deal of military experience in his father's wars of the Reconquista against the Moors.[2]

On James I's death in 1276, the lands of the Crown of Aragon were divided amongst his two sons. The Kingdom of Aragon, the Kingdom of Valencia and the Catalan counties went to Peter III as being the eldest son; while the Kingdom of Majorca (actual Balearic Islands) and the Catalan counties beyond the Pyrenees of Rousillon-Vallespir, Conflent and Capcir and the lordship of Montpellier (all his territories in the Languedoc), went to the second son, who became James II of Majorca.

Peter the Great and Constance of Sicily, Queen of Aragon were crowned in Zaragoza (capital of the Crown of Aragon) in November 1276 by the archbishop of Tarragona.

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