Performance 2007 Tour

Performance 2007
Tour by Nine Inch Nails
NIN Munich 2007.jpg
Nine Inch Nails during the Performance 2007 tour. From left to right: (front) White, Reznor, North, (back) Cortini, Freese
Associated albumYear Zero
Start dateFebruary 10, 2007
End dateSeptember 18, 2007
No. of shows76
58 in Europe
10 in Asia
7 in Australia
1 in North America
Nine Inch Nails concert chronology

Two months before the release of their fifth full-length album, Year Zero, industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails began a new tour, officially called Performance 2007. The tour initially started off as a 'best-of' tour (since no songs from Year Zero were played at the first few days) but later transformed into a direct Year Zero support tour.

Prior to the beginning of the tour, Trent Reznor in an interview described it as an opportunity to play with the same line-up again, visiting some places the band did not play in before and revisiting music from all the different areas of Nine Inch Nails rather than focusing entirely on the new album.

The production on this tour was minimal so the heaviest setlist rotation in the band's history occurred, covering about 50 songs from all their albums. [1]


Album Song Times
Pretty Hate Machine (1989) "Head Like a Hole" 77
"Terrible Lie" 33
"Down in It" 20
"Something I Can Never Have" 24
"Sin" 29
Broken (1992) "Wish" 79
"Last" 32
"Help Me I Am in Hell" 53
"Gave Up" 66
The Downward Spiral (1994) "Mr. Self Destruct" 19
"Piggy" 36
"Heresy" 37
"March of the Pigs" 76
"Closer" 68
"Ruiner" 20
"The Becoming" 9
"Eraser" 67
"Reptile" 21
"Hurt" 66
The Fragile (1999) "Somewhat Damaged" 18
"The Day the World Went Away" 27
"The Frail" 27
"The Wretched" 21
"We're in This Together" 4
"The Fragile" 6
"Even Deeper" 3
"No, You Don't" 51
"La Mer" 26
"Into the Void" 21
"Starfuckers, Inc." 5
"The Big Come Down" 16
With Teeth (2005) "You Know What You Are?" 16
"The Collector" 4
"The Hand That Feeds" 80
"Love Is Not Enough" 8
"With Teeth" 2
"Only" 63
"The Line Begins To Blur" 7
Year Zero (2007) "HYPERPOWER!" 35
"The Beginning of the End" 53
"Survivalism" 69
"The Good Soldier" 35
"Me, I'm Not" 34
"Capital G" 9
"The Great Destroyer" 24
Covers "Get Down, Make Love" (Queen) 4
"Suck" (Pigface) 49
"Dead Souls" (Joy Division) 31
Songs from soundtracks movies "Burn" (Natural Born Killers) 63
"Deep" (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) 8
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