A stage performance of Don Quixote at the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex in Venezuela (2013)

Performance is completion of a task with application of knowledge, skills and abilities.[1]

Management science

In work place, performance or job performance means good ranking with the hypothesized conception of requirements of a role. There are two types of job performances: contextual and task. Task performance is related to cognitive ability while contextual performance is dependent upon personality.[2] Task performance are behavioral roles that are recognized in job descriptions and by remuneration systems, they are directly related to organizational performance, whereas, contextual performance are value based and additional behavioral roles that are not recognized in job descriptions and covered by compensation; they are extra roles that are indirectly related to organizational performance.[3] Citizenship performance like contextual performance means a set of individual activity/contribution (prosocial organizational behavior) that supports the organizational culture.[4][5]

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