Paradela, Lugo

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Paradela is located in Spain
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 42°58′N 7°57′W / 42°58′N 7°57′W / 42.967; -7.950

Paradela is a municipality in Lugo province in Galicia in north-west Spain. It is situated in the region of Sarria.There were 2,193 people living in Paradela as of 2008 (1,101 men and 1,092 women).[2]It is known for the connection it has with the Way of St. James. The French route of such a way, ending in Santiago de Compostela, passes through five parishes of Paradela: Ferreiros, Francos, Laxe, Cortes and Loio.[3]


The name Paradela comes from the diminutive of the Latin word parata, which can be translated as hostal, or near the end of the journey.

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