Panam Sports

Pan American Sports Organization
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TypeContinental Sports Organization
HeadquartersMexico City, Mexico
41 National Olympic Committees
Official language
English, Spanish, French
Neven Ilić Álvarez [es]

The Pan American Sports Organization (Panam Sports; Spanish: Organización Deportiva Panamericana) is an international organization which represents the current 41 National Olympic Committees of North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

It is affiliated with the International Olympic Committee and its affiliated bodies, including ANOC, the Association of National Olympic Committees, and serves as the continental association of the Americas.

The organization's flagship event is the quadrennial Pan American Games, held since 1951. The Parapan American Games were inaugurated in 1999 for disabled athletes and are held alongside the able-bodied Pan American Games. The Pan American Winter Games, for winter sports, were held only once in 1990. The Pan American Sports Festival was inaugurated in 2014 as a developmental event for the region's athletes.

Affiliated organizations

There are four regional entities affiliated with Panam Sports, they are:

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