Pacorus I

Pacorus I
Prince of the Parthian Empire
Coin of Pacorus I of Parthia.jpg
Born63 BC
Died38 BC
SpouseUnnamed Artaxiad princess
HouseParthian dynasty
FatherOrodes II

Pacorus I (died 38 BC) was a Parthian prince, who was the son of King Orodes II and Queen Laodice. It is possible that Pacorus was co-ruler with his father for at least part of his father's reign. His wife was an unnamed Armenian princess, who was one of the daughters of King Tigranes the Great of Armenia and his wife, Queen Cleopatra of Pontus.

First invasion of Syria

Pacorus is first mentioned in 51 BC, then probably about 12 years old[citation needed], as the head of a Parthian army during an invasion of the Roman province of Syria. However, because of the young age of Pacorus, the Parthian operations were probably led by the Parthian commander Osakes. According to the Roman historian Cassius Dio,[1] the Parthian army besieged Antioch, but were unable to capture the city and withdrew. During this event, Osakes was killed during a Roman counter-attack under the Roman general Gaius Cassius Longinus, which made the Parthian troops under Pacorus retreat back to their homeland.

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