Our Kingdom

Our Kingdom
Bokura no Oukoku
GenreYaoi, Romance
Written byNaduki Koujima
Published byBiblos
English publisher
Digital Manga Publishing
Original run2000 – present
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Our Kingdom is a yaoi manga by Naduki Koujima about the relationship of Akira Nonaka, a boy from the countryside, and his cousin, Kyle Rei Basil. It is published in English by Digital Manga Publishing. Due to the 2006 Biblos bankruptcy, only the first six volumes have been released in English.[1] It was commissioned by Digital Manga Publishing.[2]


After his maternal grandmother's death, orphan Akira Nonaka is told that he has living relatives on his father' side. His father came from the Takatou family, one of the most wealthy and influential families in Japan. Akira is brought in to compete with his cousin Rei Basil as candidates to become the future head of the Takatou family. Overwhelmed by his change of circumstances, he is happy to have a family again. But as he and Rei grow closer, Akira must come to grip with his true feelings.

The story follows Rei and Akira, their bodyguards, and other Takatou family members.

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