Orthodontic technology

Orthodontic technology is a specialty of dental technology that is concerned with the design and fabrication of dental appliances for the treatment of malocclusions, which may be a result of tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both.

the orthodontic appliance are divided into three group:1)Removable Appliance 2)Removable Fixed Appliance 3)Fixed Appliance[1]

There are three main types of orthodontic appliances: active, passive and functional. All these types can be fixed or removable.

Active appliances

An active appliance is a device used to apply forces to the teeth to change the relationship of the teeth.

Removable active appliances

Removable active appliances are intended for simple tipping movements. Use of removable appliances in modern orthodontics is much more limited than in the past due to their various shortcomings.

  • Expansion and labial segment alignment appliance (ELSAA)[2]

Fixed active appliances

Edward Angle, regarded as the father of American orthodontics,[3] developed many universal fixed active appliances, unifying orthodontic practice.[4] See detailed description at Edward Angle.

  • Begg lightwire appliances
  • Pre-adjusted edgewise appliances
  • Self-ligating edgewise appliances
  • Bi helix
  • Tri helix
  • Quad helix
  • Palatal expander/rapid maxillary expansion appliance (RME)
  • Tip-edge appliance