North to border crossing on Blv. Libre Comercio in Ojinaga
North to border crossing on Blv. Libre Comercio in Ojinaga
Ojinaga is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 29°33′52″N 104°24′59″W / 29°33′52″N 104°24′59″W / 29.56444; -104.41639
 • Total28,040[1]

Ojinaga (Manuel Ojinaga) is a town and seat of the municipality of Ojinaga, in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. As of 2015, the town had a total population of 28,040.[2] It is a rural bordertown on the U.S.-Mexico border, with the city of Presidio, Texas, directly opposite, on the U.S. side of the border. Ojinaga is situated where the Río Conchos drains into the Río Grande (known as the Rio Bravo in Mexico), an area called La Junta de los Rios. Presidio and Ojinaga are connected by the Presidio-Ojinaga International Bridge.


Ojinaga was founded around AD 1200 by the Pueblo Native Americans, who were later assimilated by Uto-Aztecan speakers. Ojinaga was first visited by Spanish explorers (led by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca) in 1535. (See La Junta Indians)

Battle in Ojinaga with General Toribio Ortega's troops opening fire on federals.

During the Mexican Revolution, Ojinaga was the scene of the Battle of Ojinaga, between Pancho Villa's revolutionaries and government troops. The U.S. writer Ambrose Bierce may have died there, although that is uncertain.

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