October 1964

October 14, 1964: Soviet leader Khrushchev removed from office...
October 10–24, 1968: First autumn Summer Olympics are held in Tokyo
...and replaced by Brezhnev
October 15, 1964: UK Prime Minister Home's Conservatives lose Commons majority to Harold Wilson's Labour Party

The following events occurred in October 1964:

October 1, 1964 (Thursday)

  • At the University of California, Berkeley, police attempted to arrest Jack Weinberg, a Congress of Racial Equality volunteer who had violated a university ban on activism at the Sather Gate and who had refused to show his student identification. Hundreds of protesters then blocked the police car, and 21 year-old UC-Berkeley junior Mario Savio stood on the car's roof to address his fellow demonstrators, inaugurating the Free Speech Movement that would spread to other campuses.[1][2][3]
  • The Shinkansen high-speed rail system was inaugurated in Japan, beginning a trip on the line's first section between Tokyo and Osaka.[4] The initial speed for the 320 miles (510 km) trip was slower than expected, at 80 miles per hour (130 km/h).[5][6]
  • The wreckage of the American submarine USS Thresher was located, almost a year and a half after it sank during sea trials 220 miles (350 km) east of Cape Cod, killing all 129 people on board. U.S. Secretary of the Navy Paul H. Nitze disclosed later in the day that the bathyscape Trieste II had positively identified the lost vessel by its identifying number, 593, found on five different parts of the sub, which had broken up as it descended. The Thresher had sunk on April 10, 1963 with its entire crew and 17 civilians.[7]
  • On the first day they could apply for passes to visit relatives in East Germany, 32,156 residents of West Berlin applied at the 17 different offices in the city that issued the permits. Each pass entitled the bearer to one visit between October 30 and November 12, and two visits during Christmas and New Year.[8]
  • Born: Harry Hill, English comedian, in Woking, as Matthew Keith Hall
  • Died: Ernst Toch, 76, Austrian composer
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