Coat of arms of Nules
Coat of arms
Nules is located in Spain
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 39°51′9″N 0°9′2″W / 39°51′9″N 0°9′2″W / 39.85250; -0.15056
Country   Spain
Autonomous Community   Valencian Community
Province Castellón
Comarca Plana Baixa
 • Mayor David García ( CCD)
 • Total 50 km2 (20 sq mi)
Elevation( AMSL) 13 m (43 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total 13,636
 • Density 270/km2 (710/sq mi)
Time zone CET ( UTC+1)
 • Summer ( DST) CEST (GMT +2) ( UTC+2)
Postal code 12520
Area code(s) +34 (Spain) + 964 (Castellón)

Nules is a town in eastern Spain, in the province of Castellón ( Valencian Community). Located 18 km to the south of the province's capital, at 13 m over sea level, it has 13,750 inhabitants (2010 data), living in Nules Town, Nules Beach and Mascarell.

Nules gives its name to the Nules variety of Clementine, which was first bred here in 1953. It is the most popular variety of Clementine grown in Spain. [1]

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