Nueva Esparta

Nueva Esparta
State of Venezuela
Flag of Nueva Esparta
Coat of arms of Nueva Esparta
Coat of arms
Anthem: Himno del Estado Nueva Esparta
Location within Venezuela
Location within Venezuela
Coordinates: 10°57′N 64°01′W / 10°57′N 64°01′W / 10.95; -64.01
CapitalLa Asunción
 • GovernorAlfredo Díaz Figueroa (2017–present)
 • Total1,151 km2 (444 sq mi)
Area rank23rd
 0.12% of Venezuela
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total491,610
 • Rank20th
 1.68% of Venezuela
Time zoneUTC-04:00
ISO 3166 codeVE-O
Emblematic treeGuayacán (Guaiacum officinale)

New Sparta State, in Spanish Estado Nueva Esparta (IPA: [esˈtaðo ˈnweβa esˈpaɾta]), is one of the 23 states of Venezuela. It comprises Margarita Island, Coche, and the largely uninhabited Cubagua.

The state is the smallest one in area, and is located off the northeast Caribbean coast of Venezuela. It is the only insular state of Venezuela (not including the Federal Dependencies, a federal territory but not a state). The main island of Margarita has an area of 934 km2. Its capital city is La Asunción, and the main urban center is Porlamar.


Its name comes from the heroism shown by its inhabitants during the Venezuelan War of Independence, deemed similar to that of the Spartan soldiers of Ancient Greece.

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