Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear-Blast logo.jpg
Parent companyBelieve Digital
FounderMarkus Staiger
Country of originGermany

Nuclear Blast is a record label and mail order record distributor with subsidiaries in Germany, the United States and Brazil. The record label was founded in 1987 by Markus Staiger in Germany. Originally releasing hardcore punk records, the label moved on to releasing albums by melodic death metal, grindcore, industrial metal, power metal and black metal bands, as well as tribute albums. It also distributes and promotes two post-hardcore/metalcore labels, SharpTone Records, focused on American scene (Miss May I, Emmure, Attila), and Arising Empire, focused more on European bands such as Novelists, Imminence, Cold Snap and While She Sleeps.

In October 2018, French independent label Believe Digital acquired a majority stake in Nuclear Blast.[2]

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