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Nihon University
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Nihon University (日本大学, Nihon Daigaku), abbreviated as Nichidai (日大), is a private research university in Japan. Its predecessor, Nihon Law School (currently the Department of Law), was founded by Yamada Akiyoshi, the Minister of Justice, in 1889.[2][3] With an enrollment of about 70,000 students, it is the largest university in Japan.[4][5]

University profile

Most of the university's campuses are in the Kantō region, the vast majority in Tokyo or surrounding areas, although two campuses are as far away from Tokyo as Shizuoka Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. These campuses mostly accommodate single colleges or schools (gakubu (学部) in Japanese). In December 2016 the university acquired the former Newcastle Court House in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, for A$6.6 million as its inaugural international campus.[6][7]

The university comprises a federation of colleges and institutes known for having produced numerous CEOs of Japanese companies. The College of Art (日芸 — Nichigei), located right next to Ekoda train station in Tokyo's Nerima ward, is well-known as it produces many artists who represent Japan in photography, theater, and cinema. In addition, the university has over 20 affiliated high schools bearing its name across Japan, from which a significant number of students go on to study at the institution as undergraduates.

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