Nihon SF Taisho Award

Nihon SF Taisho Award
Awarded forJapanese science fiction

The Nihon SF Taishō Award (日本SF大賞, Nihon Esu Efu Taishō, lit. "Japan SF Grand Prize") is a Japanese science fiction award. It has been compared to the Nebula Award as it is given by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan or SFWJ. The Grand Prize is selected from not only Science Fiction novels, but also various SF movies, animations, and manga.

Special Awards (特別賞, Tokubetsushō) are awarded to the works that is considered to be special by the juries. Since 2011, Special Services Award (特別功労賞, Tokubetsu kōrōshō) or Award of Merit (功績賞, Kōsekishō) is presented to the deceased person.


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