Student procession in 2011, led by the Sternenberg Neuenegg Music Society
Student procession in 2011, led by the Sternenberg Neuenegg Music Society
Coat of arms of Neuenegg
Coat of arms
Location of Neuenegg
Neuenegg is located in Switzerland
Neuenegg is located in Canton of Bern
Coordinates: 46°54′N 7°18′E / 46°54′N 7°18′E / 46.900; 7.300

Neuenegg is a municipality in the Bern-Mittelland administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


Memorial on the Bramberg for the Battle of Laupen
The Battle of Neuenegg, 1798.

Neuenegg is first mentioned in 1228 as Nuneca. In 1235 it was mentioned as Nuwenegge.[3]

During the Middle Ages, Neuenegg was part of the Herrschaft of Laupen. In 1324, the entire Herrschaft was acquired by Bern. Neuenegg was one of the six courts of the new Bernese bailiwick of Laupen. Initially the court was held in the church yard, then it moved to the village pub. In 1339, during the Battle of Laupen, the Bernese and Swiss Confederation forces deployed on the Bramberg hill near Neuenegg. Fribourg, Burgundian and Habsburg forces attacked the hill and after heavy fighting were driven away with heavy losses. The Swiss and Bernese victory on the Bramberg brought Bern into closer association with the Swiss Confederacy, becoming one of the Eight Cantons in 1353.[3]

The village parish church of St. John was first mentioned in 1227 when Emperor Frederick II granted it to the Teutonic Knights. The current aisle was built in the 13th or 14th century, the choir is from 1452 and the church tower was built in 1512-16. The first village school was built in the 17th century.[3]

During the French invasion of 1798 a major battle was fought near Neuenegg. Under the command of Johann Rudolf von Graffenried the Bernese triumphed over numerically superior French troops under Brigadier General Pigeon on 5 March 1798. However, after the Bernese defeat that same day at the Battle of Grauholz, the collapse of the Ancien Régime could no longer be avoided.

Neuenegg was located near the Bern-Fribourg trade road. In 1470 Fribourg built a bridge across the Sense river at Neuenegg and brought the road directly through the town. It remained on the main road for several centuries. However, in the 19th century, the new, main cantonal road bypassed Neuenegg. In 1860 a railroad line was built which also bypassed the village. It wasn't until 1903 that the Flamatt-Gümmenen rail line was built through the town. In the same year, Nestlé opened a milk processing factory in Neuenegg. In 1927 the Bernese company Wander AG acquired the factory to produce Ovaltine. In 1967 the factory was acquired by Sandoz AG and Novartis AG when they acquired Wander. In 2002 Associated British Foods acquired the company and the factory, which is still one of the largest employers in the municipality.[3]

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