Neferirkare Kakai

Neferirkare Kakai[ pronunciation?] was an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh, the third king of the Fifth Dynasty. He succeeded his father Sahure on the throne and was in turn succeeded by his son Neferefre. His praenomen, Neferirkare, means "Beautiful is the Soul of Ra". [2] His Horus name was Userkhau, [3] his Golden Horus name Sekhemunebu and his Nebti name Khaiemnebty.


It was not known who Neferirkare's parents were in the past. Some Egyptologists viewed him as a son of Userkaf and Khentkaus I. [4] This is now known to be incorrect: reliefs from Sahure's causeway show that his father was Sahure and his mother was probably Queen Meretnebty. [5]

Scenes discovered in Sahure's funerary temple, the causeway region, indicate, however, that Neferirkare may have been the son of Sahure and Queen Meretnebty. K. Sethe thought from broken records that the queen's name was Neferhanebty. This information is now known (see El Awady references above) to be incorrect. [6] One theory holds that Neferirkare may have been known as Prince Ranefer when he was young, and had a (twin?) brother named Netjerirenre, who may have taken the throne under the name of Shepseskare. [6]

Neferirkare married Queen Khentkaus II and had 2 sons who both became pharaoh: Ranefer—under the name Neferefre—and Niuserre. [4]

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