National Register of Historic Places listings in Smith County, Texas

Location of Smith County in Texas

List of Registered Historic Places in Smith County, Texas

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This is intended to be a complete list of properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Smith County, Texas. The locations of National Register properties and districts (at least for all showing latitude and longitude coordinates below) may be seen in a map by clicking on "Map of all coordinates".[1]

This NPS recent listings posted June 1, 2018.[2]
[3]Name on the RegisterImageDate listed[4]LocationCity or townDescription
1Azalea Residential Historic District
Azalea Residential Historic District
June 23, 2003
Roughly bounded by S. Robertson Av., Sunnybrook Dr., Fair Ln., Old Bullard Rd., College Av., W. 4th St., Highland Av..
32°19′40″N 95°18′06″W / 32°19′40″N 95°18′06″W / Azalea Residential Historic District)
2Blackstone Building
Blackstone Building
June 14, 2002
315 N. Broadway
32°21′12″N 95°18′02″W / 32°21′12″N 95°18′02″W / Blackstone Building)
3Brick Streets Neighborhood Historic DistrictUpload imageApril 28, 2004
Roughly bounded by South Broadway, W. Dobbs St., S. Kennedy Ave., S. Vine Ave., Interior Property Lines, S. College Ave.
32°20′33″N 95°18′16″W / 32°20′33″N 95°18′16″W / Brick Streets Neighborhood Historic District)
4Carnegie Public Library
Carnegie Public Library
March 26, 1979
125 S. College St.
32°21′00″N 95°18′07″W / 32°21′00″N 95°18′07″W / Carnegie Public Library)
5Charnwood Residential Historic DistrictUpload imageAugust 20, 1999
Roughly bounded by E Houston, RR tracks, E Wells, S Donnybrook, E Dobbs, and S Broadway
32°20′28″N 95°17′50″W / 32°20′28″N 95°17′50″W / Charnwood Residential Historic District)
6Cotton Belt Building
Cotton Belt Building
December 6, 2005
1517 W. Front St.
32°20′49″N 95°19′03″W / 32°20′49″N 95°19′03″W / Cotton Belt Building)
7Crescent Laundry
Crescent Laundry
June 14, 2002
312-320 E. Ferguson St.
32°21′07″N 95°17′51″W / 32°21′07″N 95°17′51″W / Crescent Laundry)
8Col. John Dewberry House
Col. John Dewberry House
May 6, 1971
1 mi (1.6 km). N of Teaselville on FM 346
32°09′32″N 95°24′17″W / 32°09′32″N 95°24′17″W / Col. John Dewberry House)
9Donnybrook Duplex Residential Historic DistrictUpload imageJune 14, 2002
Roughly bounded by E. 6th St., Donnybrook Ave., E. 8th St., and S. Wall
32°19′42″N 95°17′48″W / 32°19′42″N 95°17′48″W / Donnybrook Duplex Residential Historic District)
10John B. and Ketura (Kettie) Douglas House
John B. and Ketura (Kettie) Douglas House
January 9, 1997
318 S. Fannin Ave.
32°20′51″N 95°17′54″W / 32°20′51″N 95°17′54″W / John B. and Ketura (Kettie) Douglas House)
11East Ferguson Residential Historic District
East Ferguson Residential Historic District
June 14, 2002
423-513 E. Ferguson St.
32°21′04″N 95°17′45″W / 32°21′04″N 95°17′45″W / East Ferguson Residential Historic District)
12Elks Club Building
Elks Club Building
June 14, 2002
202 S. Broadway
32°20′58″N 95°18′01″W / 32°20′58″N 95°18′01″W / Elks Club Building)
13D.R. Glass Library at Texas CollegeUpload imageMarch 7, 2007
2404 N. Grand Ave.
32°22′25″N 95°18′44″W / 32°22′25″N 95°18′44″W / D.R. Glass Library at Texas College)
14Goodman-LeGrand House
Goodman-LeGrand House
November 7, 1976
624 N. Broadway
32°21′24″N 95°18′05″W / 32°21′24″N 95°18′05″W / Goodman-LeGrand House)
15Jenkins-Harvey Super Service Station and Garage
Jenkins-Harvey Super Service Station and Garage
June 14, 2002
124 S. College
32°20′59″N 95°18′06″W / 32°20′59″N 95°18′06″W / Jenkins-Harvey Super Service Station and Garage)
16Martin Hall at Texas CollegeUpload imageDecember 6, 2005
2404 N. Grand Ave.
32°22′33″N 95°18′42″W / 32°22′33″N 95°18′42″W / Martin Hall at Texas College)
17Marvin Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Marvin Methodist Episcopal Church, South
November 15, 2000
300 W. Erwin St.
32°21′01″N 95°18′11″W / 32°21′01″N 95°18′11″W / Marvin Methodist Episcopal Church, South)
18Moore Grocery Co. Building
Moore Grocery Co. Building
September 13, 2002
408 N. Broadway
32°21′14″N 95°18′03″W / 32°21′14″N 95°18′03″W / Moore Grocery Co. Building)
19People's National Bank Building
People's National Bank Building
August 22, 2002
102 N. College Ave.
32°21′03″N 95°18′06″W / 32°21′03″N 95°18′06″W / People's National Bank Building)
20President's House at Texas CollegeUpload imageMarch 7, 2007
2404 N. Grand Ave.
32°22′27″N 95°18′40″W / 32°22′27″N 95°18′40″W / President's House at Texas College)
21Ramey House
Ramey House
October 29, 1982
605 S. Broadway
32°20′37″N 95°18′04″W / 32°20′37″N 95°18′04″W / Ramey House)
22Short-Line Residential Historic District
Short-Line Residential Historic District
August 22, 2002
Roughly bounded by West Ln., N. Ellis, Short St., and an unnamed alley to the east
32°21′14″N 95°18′26″W / 32°21′14″N 95°18′26″W / Short-Line Residential Historic District)
23Smith County Jail, 1881
Smith County Jail, 1881
August 22, 1996
309 Erwin St.
32°21′02″N 95°17′53″W / 32°21′02″N 95°17′53″W / Smith County Jail, 1881)
24St. James Colored Methodist Episcopal Church
St. James Colored Methodist Episcopal Church
August 20, 2004
408 N. Border Ave.
32°21′15″N 95°18′23″W / 32°21′15″N 95°18′23″W / St. James Colored Methodist Episcopal Church)
25St. John's AF & AM Lodge
St. John's AF & AM Lodge
December 6, 2005
323 W. Front St.
32°20′50″N 95°18′14″W / 32°20′50″N 95°18′14″W / St. John's AF & AM Lodge)
26St. Louis Southwestern Railway (Cotton Belt) Passenger Depot
St. Louis Southwestern Railway (Cotton Belt) Passenger Depot
August 8, 2001
100 blk. E. Oakwood St., at N. Spring St.
32°21′17″N 95°17′56″W / 32°21′17″N 95°17′56″W / St. Louis Southwestern Railway (Cotton Belt) Passenger Depot)
27Tyler City Hall
Tyler City Hall
March 7, 2007
212 N. Bonner Ave.
32°21′07″N 95°18′21″W / 32°21′07″N 95°18′21″W / Tyler City Hall)
28Tyler Grocery Company
Tyler Grocery Company
September 14, 2002
416 N. Broadway
32°21′15″N 95°18′04″W / 32°21′15″N 95°18′04″W / Tyler Grocery Company)
29Tyler Hydraulic-Fill DamUpload imageAugust 29, 1977
W of Tyler off TX 31
32°19′52″N 95°22′07″W / 32°19′52″N 95°22′07″W / Tyler Hydraulic-Fill Dam)
30Tyler US Post Office and Courthouse
Tyler US Post Office and Courthouse
April 25, 2001
211 W. Ferguson St.
32°21′07″N 95°18′09″W / 32°21′07″N 95°18′09″W / Tyler US Post Office and Courthouse)
31Whitaker-McClendon House
Whitaker-McClendon House
June 2, 1982
806 W. Houston St.
32°20′36″N 95°18′34″W / 32°20′36″N 95°18′34″W / Whitaker-McClendon House)
32Williams-Anderson House
Williams-Anderson House
September 14, 2002
1313 W. Claude St.
32°21′09″N 95°18′54″W / 32°21′09″N 95°18′54″W / Williams-Anderson House)