National Register of Historic Places listings in Nacogdoches County, Texas

Location of Nacogdoches County in Texas

List of Registered Historic Places in Nacogdoches County, Texas

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This is intended to be a complete list of properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Nacogdoches County, Texas. The locations of National Register properties and districts (at least for all showing latitude and longitude coordinates below) may be seen in a map by clicking on "Map of all coordinates".[1]

This NPS recent listings posted June 1, 2018.[2]
[3]Name on the Register[4]ImageDate listed[5]LocationCity or townDescription
1Tol Barret House
Tol Barret House
July 27, 1979
S of Nacogdoches
31°32′09″N 94°40′01″W / 31°32′09″N 94°40′01″W / Tol Barret House)
2Eugene H. Blount House
Eugene H. Blount House
February 14, 1992
1801 North St.
31°37′07″N 94°39′11″W / 31°37′07″N 94°39′11″W / Eugene H. Blount House)
3Stephen William and Mary Price Blount House
Stephen William and Mary Price Blount House
January 30, 1991
310 N. Mound St.
31°36′19″N 94°39′02″W / 31°36′19″N 94°39′02″W / Stephen William and Mary Price Blount House)
4Maria A. Davidson Apartments
Maria A. Davidson Apartments
February 14, 1992
214 S. Fredonia St.
31°36′06″N 94°39′18″W / 31°36′06″N 94°39′18″W / Maria A. Davidson Apartments)
5Bernardo D'Ortolan Rancho SiteUpload imageNovember 26, 2014
Address Restricted
6Raphael D'Ortolan SiteUpload imageNovember 26, 2014
Address Restricted
7Durst-Taylor House
Durst-Taylor House
August 21, 2003
304 North St.
31°36′19″N 94°39′16″W / 31°36′19″N 94°39′16″W / Durst-Taylor House)
8Hayter Office Building
Hayter Office Building
February 14, 1992
112 E. Main St.
31°36′11″N 94°39′19″W / 31°36′11″N 94°39′19″W / Hayter Office Building)
9Hoya Land Office Building
Hoya Land Office Building
February 14, 1992
120 E. Pilar St.
31°36′08″N 94°39′21″W / 31°36′08″N 94°39′21″W / Hoya Land Office Building)
10Roland Jones House
Roland Jones House
February 14, 1992
141 N. Church St.
31°36′13″N 94°39′10″W / 31°36′13″N 94°39′10″W / Roland Jones House)
11Nacogdoches Downtown Historic District
Nacogdoches Downtown Historic District
May 29, 2008
Roughly bounded by Southern Pacific RR tracks, Banita Cr., Pilar, Mound, Arnold, North & Hospital Sts.,
31°36′18″N 94°39′20″W / 31°36′18″N 94°39′20″W / Nacogdoches Downtown Historic District)
12Oil Springs Oil Field Discovery WellUpload imageNovember 23, 1977
4 mi (6.4 km). SE of Woden
31°28′20″N 94°28′03″W / 31°28′20″N 94°28′03″W / Oil Springs Oil Field Discovery Well)
13Old Cotton Exchange Building
Old Cotton Exchange Building
February 14, 1992
305 E. Commerce St.
31°36′12″N 94°39′13″W / 31°36′12″N 94°39′13″W / Old Cotton Exchange Building)
14Old Nacogdoches University Building
Old Nacogdoches University Building
June 21, 1971
Washington Sq.
31°36′24″N 94°39′05″W / 31°36′24″N 94°39′05″W / Old Nacogdoches University Building)
15Old Post Office Building
Old Post Office Building
February 14, 1992
206 E. Main St.
31°36′10″N 94°39′18″W / 31°36′10″N 94°39′18″W / Old Post Office Building)
16Roberts Building
Roberts Building
February 14, 1992
216 E. Pilar St.
31°36′07″N 94°39′17″W / 31°36′07″N 94°39′17″W / Roberts Building)
17Southern Pacific Railroad Depot
Southern Pacific Railroad Depot
February 14, 1992
500 W. Main St.
31°36′18″N 94°39′32″W / 31°36′18″N 94°39′32″W / Southern Pacific Railroad Depot)
18Adolphus Sterne House
Adolphus Sterne House
November 13, 1976
211 S. Lanana St.
31°36′00″N 94°39′02″W / 31°36′00″N 94°39′02″W / Adolphus Sterne House)
19Sterne-Hoya Historic District
Sterne-Hoya Historic District
February 14, 1992
100-200 blocks of S. Lanana St., 500 block of E. Main St. (S side), 500 block of E. Pilar St.
31°36′02″N 94°39′04″W / 31°36′02″N 94°39′04″W / Sterne-Hoya Historic District)
20Virginia Avenue Historic District
Virginia Avenue Historic District
February 14, 1992
500 block of Bremond (W side), 500-1800 blocks of Virginia Ave., 521 Weaver
31°35′58″N 94°39′38″W / 31°35′58″N 94°39′38″W / Virginia Avenue Historic District)
21Washington Square Historic District
Washington Square Historic District
February 14, 1992
Roughly bounded by Houston, Logansport, N. Lanana, E. Hospital and N. Fredonia Sts.
31°36′26″N 94°38′59″W / 31°36′26″N 94°38′59″W / Washington Square Historic District)
22Woodmen of the World Building
Woodmen of the World Building
February 14, 1992
412 E. Main St.
31°36′08″N 94°39′13″W / 31°36′08″N 94°39′13″W / Woodmen of the World Building)
23Zion Hill Historic District
Zion Hill Historic District
January 7, 1993
Roughly bounded by Park St., Lanana Cr., Oak Grove Cemetery and N. Lanana St.
31°36′20″N 94°38′50″W / 31°36′20″N 94°38′50″W / Zion Hill Historic District)
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