National Assembly (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

National Assembly

Assemblée nationale
DRC legislative elections 2011.svg
Political groups

  People's Party for Peace and Democracy (PPPD): 29 seats

  Social Movement for Renewal (MSR): 27 seats

  Unified Lumumbist Party (PALU): 19 seats

  Union for the Congolese Nation (UNC): 17 seats

  Alliance for Renewal in Congo (ARC): 16 seats

  Alliance of the Democratic Forces of Congo (AFDC): 15 seats

  Rally for the Reconstruction of Congo (RRC): 11 seats

  Awakening of Consciousness for Work and Development (ECT): 11 seats

  Movement for the Integrity of the People (MIP): 10 seats

  Christian Democratic Party (PDC): 7 seats

  Forces for Renewal: 6 seats

  National Union of Democratic Federalists (UNADEF): 6 seats

  Union of Nationalist Federalists of Congo (UNAFEC): 6 seats

  Other parties: 172 seats

  Independents: 16 seats
Last election
28 November 2011
Meeting place
Assemblée nationale
Palais du Peuple
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The National Assembly is the lower house and main legislative political body of the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was established by the 2006 constitution.[1]

It is located at the People's Palace in Kinshasa.

Electoral system

The National Assembly is elected every 5 years by universal suffrage. There are 500 seats, 61 members are elected in single member constituencies while the remaining 439 members are elected in multi member constituencies by open list.