Nalongo and Nupani

Nalongo and Nupani
NASA picture of Nalongo and Nupani Atoll
Nalongo and Nupani is located in Solomon Islands
Nalongo and Nupani
Nalongo and Nupani
LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates10°04′14″S 165°43′37″E / 10°04′14″S 165°43′37″E / -10.0706; 165.7269
ArchipelagoSolomon Islands
Area0.7 km2 (0.27 sq mi)
Highest elevation61 m (200 ft)
Solomon Islands
Population100 (2009)

Nalongo and Nupani is a small atoll in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean.[1] It has a coral reef totally encircling a 6km wide lagoon. Nupani Island, also called Nimba, is inhabited with some 100 people, while Nalongo has no permanent habitation. [2] Administratively, the atoll belongs to the Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands.


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